Our science

Meticulously selected cannabinoids and terpenes provide several options for wellness solutions.

As each individual has unique needs, we will customize an array of products to regain the balance of different endocannabinoid systems.

The goal of our process is to maximize benefits and minimize any potential negative effects.



At least 113 unique cannabinoids can be derived from the cannabis plant, and historically have been used to address ailments from insomnia to cancer. Our science is driven by finding ways to benefit our customers holistically and therapeutically. Finding the right combination can help effectively target specific needs.


Terpenes are the aromatic oils within the cannabis plant that target different receptors within the Endocannabinoid System.

Research indicates they may provide a number of therapeutic benefits.



Flavonoids are plant nutrients that are largely responsible for the vibrant colors in fruits and vegetables. Similarly, they are also found in cannabis and the butterfly peaflowers in our CARE blends.

Research indicates flavonoids contain anti-oxidative,
anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and antimutagenic properties. With the potential for even more health-promoting effects,
we consider them to be an integral part of our future product line.