candyland kush cannabis products

Candyland Kush

  • myrcene
  • limonene
  • linalool
  • pinene
  • caryophyllene
  • terpinolene
  • nerolidol
  • other

Strain Description

This strain is pure sativa leaning – expect more of a “mind high” than the “body high” that indica strains are known for. Notes are sweet and piney.

Candyland Kush is a sugar rush for adults, promoting higher energy and happiness without overload or crashing. Think of a relaxed jolt, the sort you get after something excites you. This strain’s effects make it great for small gatherings or creative sessions, with it serving as a boost towards calm and authentic expression.

Flavor and aroma: strong sweetness, earthy, citrus, piney
Effects: euphoric, energetic, creative, happy