about us

Our mission is to encourage everyone to seek transformative solutions for their health through education, empowerment, and positive outcomes.

Our vision is to be the most effective cannabionoid health brand and lead the global
transition from pharmaceutical dependence to plant medicine.

We exist to empower anyone seeking deeper understanding and control of their health and wellness. It is our belief that by rigorously pursuing a scientific approach to the cannabis industry, we can help provide whole body, whole plant healing.


As a teenager, founder Rachel Rykal was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare and incurable tissue disorder afflicting about one in 5,000 people. With limited treatments for the relatively obscure condition, she faced a choice: resign herself to a lifetime of physical and mental discomfort, or explore alternatives.

Rachel was determined to maintain a quality of life she was accustomed to, and soon began to study the medicinal uses of the cannabis plant. Through meticulous research, planning, and experimenting, she began to remedy her symptoms. As her health improved, her pursuit of knowledge grew more intense.

A distinct and unwavering belief that there is a science behind being your best self was born. Over time, Rachel wasn’t just targeting her symptoms, but addressing their root cause. Different terpenes and cannabinoids helped maximize her mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Today, Rachel’s life is active, joyful, and at a level of quality as high as it has ever been. The transformation was the inspiration behind the mission of Core Gardens: to empower customers to take control of their own wellness – or, as she prefers to say, “Own your existence.”


Each of our products is cultivated with the utmost respect for nature and our customers. We
grow our plants sustainably and organically, with a focus of transitioning our customers away
from pharmaceuticals and towards natural alternatives.



The federal government has cannabis classified as a Schedule I drug, which unfortunately prohibits domestic research from being done on the plant, its compounds, and their potential therapeutic uses.

To further our mission, Core Gardens has created an international network that allows us to continue to develop and push how effective
our offerings can be. Our partner laboratories in Israel, for example, can test the efficacy of cannabinoid and terpenes on spinal fluid and

Despite the limitations of what we can do in America, we continue to find ways to best serve our customers and build upon our
expansive CARE line.